Memorial Day Fun!


We all know that spring and summer cookouts can be lots of fun! Memorial Day is remarkably special to me because I come from a family that has a very long history of military service. My parents alone served in the Army for a combined 35 plus years, and I am considered a “Military Brat”. We always pause on Memorial Day to reflect on the men and women who served our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so that we can live the lives we live. We pray for the families of the fallen servicemen and women and use Memorial Day to spend time and connect with our family. This day was a day to reflect on sacrifices and service and to reconnect with family.

Today, I wanted to wear something comfortable but cute, and something that honored the red, white and blue colors of our nation. Anything made of jean continues to be a trend. I thought it was appropriate to wear jean material because of the comfort and when a lot of countries think of the US, they think of jeans. The white shirt added a crisp look to the jean jumper and the trendy cold shoulder sleeves completed the look. Also, in keeping with trends, the red stays true to the bold colors we see and can expect to see throughout the summer. Nothing completes an outfit like a pair of heels.

Heels and jumper – Forever 21 


Let me know if you stick to the traditional colors for our patriotic holidays?  Leave me comments below.






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