Athleisure Chic


Kicking sportswear is still sweeping the streets of today’s urban fashion world, but with a different twist. The Athleisure trend is a nice way to mix sporty garments with casual everyday pieces and make it glamorous! Who would have thought that you could make a sporty look actually look glamorous? I’ve worked with to create this look.

The featured jumper is a great way pull everything together for the ultimate chic, athleisure look. Now you can look good and fit in with everyone else, not that you need to. Adding the long pink Bomber, with your favorite patches, gives a softer feminine approach. The two colors, pink and black, together create a nice dark/light contrast and presents balance. Don’t pack up those neutral and blush colored pieces just yet; they can always be transitioned into this winter season. This look screams, “I’m ready to catch a game now, so I’ll catch you all later!”

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