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This blog is dedicated to YOU!! Yep, that’s right, YOU, all of my fellow Fashion and Beauty lovers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in the fashion or beauty industry. The only thing we require is that you love to look good and feel great – in other words, you just have to be VAIN!

Lauren 'Lo' SimmonsUrban Vain™ is a lifestyle brand committed to providing you with the most current trends and honest reviews on the latest fashion and beauty products by some of your favorite brands!! My passion All Things Beauty is what fuels me.  I personally have seen so many people make the mistake of following fads.  Fads are cool if that’s your thing, but here at Urban Vain™, we want to help you determine what works best for YOU – after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my goal is that each time you look in the mirror you behold something beautiful!

Urban Vain™ is a community and your feedback is important to our growth!  Feel free to share your honest likes and dislikes, as tastefully as possible, of course. Nothing great is ever achieved by individual effort alone, so when each of you shares the message of self-love and show love to each other, which is when real beauty is revealed!

Urban Vain™ place of positivity and empowerment where we acknowledge the beauty in each of us. This blog is my heart and it’s born from personal thoughts, creative aesthetics, and years of both formal and informal education in the fashion and beauty industry. We want you to feel absolutely awesome each time you walk out the door, because when you look good, you feel good!

Thanks so much for visiting us and don’t be a stranger. Stop by as often as you like and next time, bring a friend!!

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